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January 24, 2017 - Dinner Television, Edmonton

Originally aired on 01-27-17. View Video Clip HERE


January 20, 2017 - Edmonton Metro News

"Ken Rice was working on a car one day when his wedding ring touched a live wire — and then 'Bzzzzzzt.'
"It actually welded the ring to the dash," he said. "My wife was pretty upset I put a mark in my wedding ring. It got hot pretty fast."
Rice said that's one of many times his wedding ring has put his fingers in danger of being skinned, cut or even ripped off in his work as a mechanic."
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January 18, 2017 - CBC News

"Ken Rice knows a wedding band can cost you your finger.
When thrusting his grease-covered hands under the hoods of trucks and cars, the Edmonton mechanic has to be careful not to snag his titanium ring on any moving parts.
He's had many close calls in his shop, and has heard horror stories of the injuries that jewelry can cause."....

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January 17, 2017 - Sherwood Park News

"A brand new ring has entered the market.
Officially launched on Jan. 6, The Original Man Band is an online store offering bio-compatible medical-grade silicone rings, which are designed to keep the finger intact, avoiding ring avulsion if it gets snagged or caught on something.
The idea was first developed in the United States, but The Original Man Band founder Ken Rice discovered there might be a market for the silicone rings in Canada."...

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